Next-Gen Storage Platform Targets High-Capacity Demands Of Data Centers


SanDisk and QCT announced a collaboration to deliver an all-flash storage solution designed to provide massive scale, efficiency and resiliency to OpenStack and Ceph environments and meet today’s high capacity and performance storage requirements. The joint solution will be built on SanDisk’s industry-leading InfiniFlash System and QCT’s innovative server designs and will deliver a unified scale-out, all-flash storage solution for petabyte workloads such as Big Data environments.

InfiniFlash is a next-generation storage platform created by SanDisk, offering up to 5x the density, 50x the IOPS and 4x the reliability, while consuming up to 80 per cent less power than traditional hard disk drive (HDD) arrays. InfiniFlash also delivers breakthrough pricing for an all-flash hardware solution starting at less than US$ 1 per gigabyte (GB) for an all-flash system without requiring compression or de-duplication technologies. With software stacks that offer data reduction schemes, the effective cost/GB goes down even more significantly to unprecedented levels (example: 20 cents/GB based on a 5X data reduction factor).

“As a leader in flash storage solutions, we recognize the scaling out challenges involved in the cloud infrastructures of our customers,” said Ravi Swaminathan, vice president and general manager, Systems and Software Solutions at SanDisk. “By partnering with QCT, SanDisk is better equipped to deploy flash for our Hyperscale customers and support a wide range of workloads with greater agility, performance and reliability across the data center.”


“We are enthusiastic about the positive impact of this technology collaboration,” said Mike Yang, General Manager of QCT. “As one of the leading cloud-native datacenter solutions providers, QCT has built its success upon our engineering expertise in designing efficient systems and driving innovation. With access to SanDisk’s all-flash storage solutions, we can now deliver even more enhanced and integrated cloud systems with hyperscale efficiency to data center customers.”



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