Compact MEMS Filters For Microwave Communication


Euroquartz launched a new range of MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) filter products offering major benefits of small size and very low profile making them ideal for use in embedded applications. Offering a low 1dB insertion loss with ≥30dB at 3.0 and 7.5GHz attenuation they are ideal for microwave communication equipment such as base stations, wireless transceiver systems and small-size RF front-end requirements.

The latest MEMS technology can be used to to produce bandstop and bandpass filter products that offer a very low profile (≤0.5mm) solution. The advantages of Euroquartz MEMS filters are their small size offering high reliability and high performance, covering the range from 2 to 50GHz.

MEMS filter types available include bandpass, bandstop, lowpass, attenuator chip, time-delay line, substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) and micro-shielding.

Euroquartz custom LC and microwave filters offer a broad selection of frequencies, topologies and packages ranging from audio to 3.0GHz and up to 200W in power. Topologies include low pass, band pass, high pass and band reject. Special characteristics such as IM distortion, phase and amplitude match etc. are optimised during manufacturing. LC filters are available in a variety of packages including SMD and are compatible with modern automated manufacturing processes.

Euroquartz also offers a wide range of cavity filters in band pass and notch types. A notch type filter attenuates a narrow band of frequencies while allowing all other frequencies to pass with only a slight loss. Band pass filters pass a narrow band of frequencies with very little loss while attenuating all other signals outside of the band. Cavity filters are available up to 960MHz with any type of customer-specific connector and are factory tuned to the frequencies requested.


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