New Generation PairFETs Target CPU Power Supplies


Alpha and Omega Semiconductor introduced the new generation of high-efficiency PairFETs. The AOE6930 is an asymmetric package with integrated high-side and low-side MOSFETs. The device’s applications are many and not limited to power supplies in computing, telecom and high power density point-of-load socket applications.

Designed with AOS’s latest silicon technology, the device optimises the conducting resistance and the switching characteristics of both MOSFETs in order to attain the highest efficiency over the whole output range when working as the power stage for a Vcore power supply circuit. The AOS’s XSFET technology gives the device an extra advantage in thermal dissipation.

The latest generation of CPUs requires separate power supply circuits for each Vcore rail, which creates a challenge for the power supply designers. They have to fit more DC/DC circuits onto almost the same area, and at the same time improve the total power efficiency. As the most important components of the power stage, MOSFETs with ultra-low on-resistance, lowest switching loss, and compact yet low thermal resistance packages are essential to meet the design target.


AOE6930 integrated the high-side and the low-side MOSFETs, with 7mOhms and 1.05mOhms maximum on-resistance, respectively, within a 5mm x 6mm DFN package. The low-side MOSFET source is connected directly to the exposed pad, which can easily be connected to the ground plane in PCB design. This feature provides the circuit designers a significant benefit in enhancing the thermal dissipation.

On testing the device on an existing notebook PC design, under a typical 19.5V input, and 1.2V 21A output condition, the device showed over one percentage efficiency improvement, and reduced the temperature rise by eight degrees, in comparison with the current solutions found in the market.

One-sixteenth-brick Footprint DC/DC Module Sports Upto 95% Efficiency

“AOE6930 is the start of a new era of AOS solutions for CPU Vcore power supply circuits. This device is a great combination of AOS’s silicon and packaging technologies, and it’s further optimized with our application know-how in this area. Both the efficiency and thermal performance already showed the advantage over the existing solutions. This device is not limited to PC applications, it is also a good solution for other high frequency PWM circuit which requires best-in-class performance in efficiency and thermal design,” said Lei Feng, Marketing Director of MOSFET product line at AOS.



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