100µm Silicon Capacitors For Smartcards And RFID


IPDiA developed a new range of ultra-thin capacitors with enhanced ESD performance (up to 8 kV) dedicated to industries such as Smart Card, RFID tags and others where integration as well as excellent antenna matching play key roles. Offering a 100 µm thin profile, the new LPSC range suits applications with height and volume constraints, such as antenna matching, RF filtering and decoupling of active dies.

The RFID 0402 capacitor range is based on IPDiA technology and shows very high stability upon applied voltage up to 150 °C, with very low leakage current and high level performance.

In order to allow optimization and miniaturisation of the overall antenna size, IPDiA is launching a complete range of values from 10 pF up to 330 pF, fully compatible with existing Smartcard and RFID tag manufacturing processes (delivery in T&R or wafers), with same TC as standard RFID ICs and with proven assembly methods such as flip-chip and wirebonding.


Furthermore, the RFID silicon capacitor range has been fine tuned in order to reach SRF higher than 1.2GHz, hence allowing unique fine tuning of the antenna, for 13.56MHz up to UHF (800/900 MHz) applications.

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