Robust Current Sense Resistors Are Ideal For High-current Power Supplies


Stackpole Electronics announced a new series of radial leaded thru hole current sense resistors. The BR series resistors are an outstanding choice for all types of high current power supplies and power applications requiring a robust part that is impervious to most environmental stresses.

The resistors feature a bare metal element design which allows for maximum cooling via airflow, forcing less heat into the PCB. Also, the 20ppm resistance material provides outstanding stability over temperature. Inherently flameproof, the series has an extremely low typical inductance of 1 nH or less.

The resistors show extreme stability over many hours of life, showing resistance shifts of less than 0.5% and less than 0.25% for short time overloads. The BR series features 1, 3, and 5 watt sizes, TCR ranging from 100 ppm to 20 ppm depending on resistance value, 1 per cent, 2 per cent, and 5 per cent tolerances, and resistance values as low as 1 milliohm. Also, the series can operate at temperatures up to 275 deg C.

RoHS compliant and 100 per cent lead free, the BR series is available in bulk packaging in 1000 increments.

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