DMOS FET Transistor Arrays Pack 1.5A Sink-Output Driver To Reduce Power Loss


Toshiba recently announced what it says the industry’s first DMOS FET transistor arrays with a 1.5A sink-output driver. The highly efficient transistor arrays, the TBD62064A series and TBD62308A series succeed the TD62064A series and TD62308A series of bipolar transistor arrays that found wide use in applications including motors, relays and LED drives.

Applications of the series include amusement equipment (pachinko and slot machines), home appliances (air conditioners and refrigerators) and industrial equipment (vending machines, banking terminals such as ATMs, office automation equipment and factory automation equipment)

The new products are equipped with four channels of 50V/1.5A rated output, suitable for driving constant voltage unipolar stepping motors. Toshiba adopted DMOS FET output drivers for its latest products to secure the high efficiency customer requires to reduce power loss. DMOS FET do not require a base current, and can accept high current density per device area, keeping on-resistance low.

Main features of the devices include a high efficiency drive and a high-voltage, large-current drive. The TBD62xxxA series transistor arrays cut power loss by about 38 per cent compared with the TD62xxxA series. The devices are available in various packages including a DIP type, strongly demanded by the equipment market for hobbies, amusements and industrial fields, and an HSOP type with a heat sink that realises both high current (1.5A) drive and surface mounting.

Mass production of TBD62064A series products is scheduled to start in February 2016. Sample shipments of TBD62308A series products have started, with mass production slated for March 2016.

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