Smallest Battery Management Solution For Wearables


Introduced as the industry’s smallest and lowest-power battery management solution in the wearables market, the bq25120 from Texas Instruments is now being stocked by Mouser Electronics. The device allows wearables and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications to always be on without draining the battery. Applications include smartwatches, health monitoring accessories, rechargeable toys and many other wearable devices.

Offered in a diminutive 2.5mm² WCSP package, TI’s bq25120 battery management IC features a linear charger, configurable low-dropout (LDO) regulator, load switch, buck converter, pushbutton control and battery voltage monitor. Requiring a no-load quiescent current of just 700 nA at 1.8V when the buck converter is enabled, the solution supports batteries from 3.6V to 4.65V, and fast charge currents from 5mA to 300mA.

The bq25120 integrates a high-efficiency, low-quiescent-current buck converter with TI’s DCS-control architecture that extends light-load efficiency down to 10-µA load currents. Low quiescent current during operation and shutdown enables maximum battery life, and the device’s accurate charge termination down to 500 µA maximises the energy delivered to the battery before completing the charging cycle, allowing batteries to draw a more robust full charge.


By integrating an I²C programming interface, the device allows designers to set key parameters including battery charger voltage, current, termination threshold, input current limit, load switch control, flexible timer and reset options.

An evaluation module, the bq25120EVM-731, is available to help engineers design flexible power management solutions based on the onboard bq25120 IC.

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