New Capacitors Offer Big Values In Small Can Size


Panasonic launched a new series of miniaturised, cost-effective, aluminium electrolytic capacitors that not only save space, but also increase system reliability. Target markets include industrial automation, automotive, power management, audio and white goods.

New FKS series features an increase in capacitance of upto three times when compared to Panasonic most popular FK series in the same can size. For example, the new 25V 33µF FKS capacitor, which comes in a 4×5.8mm can size, uses just 62 per cent of the space of previous generation parts; in fact the highest capacitance achieved by FK series in a 4×5.8mm can is 10µF. So, one of the new parts can replace three of the FK devices.

“By increasing the capacitance density we simplify our customer´s design, enabling a reduction in parts count and therefore we increase the design reliability. Additionally, the FKS series features a price decrease of about 10 per cent when compared to an FK product with the same capacitance value”, said Dr. Martina Ciacchi, head of Panasonic capacitor team in Europe.


Panasonic plans to launch 25 new part numbers in the FKS series aluminium electrolytic capacitor family this quarter, in voltage classes between 6.3V and 50V and capacitance range from 33µF to 1800µF. Can sizes vary from 4×5.8mm to 10×10.2mm.

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