Seamless Four-Quadrant DC/DC Controller Can Source Or Sink 5 Amps


Linear Technology announces a synchronous PWM DC/DC controller designed for a four quadrant output converter. The output voltage cleanly transitions through zero volts with up to 5A sourcing and sinking output current capability. The LT8714 is ideal for regulating to positive, negative, or zero volts when configured for the novel four quadrant topology.

Applications include bidirectional current sources, test systems, high- power low-frequency signal amplification, back body biasing, thermoelectric coolers (TECs) and electronic window tinting.

With operation over a 4.5V to 80V input voltage range, the LT8714 produces an output voltage that is dependent on the choice of external components. This device can operate as a power source and as a load irrespective of the voltage polarity. Its rail-to-rail output current monitor and control enables the device to be configured as a current source.


The LT8714 features an innovative EN pin function that enables slowly varying input signals. A voltage on the control pin externally sets the output voltage. The LT8714’s switching frequency range can be programmed between 100kHz and 750kHz via a resistor. The fixed operating frequency can be synchronised to an external clock. The LT8714 incorporates a power good output signal to indicate if the output voltage is above or below its target regulation voltage. Current mode control provides excellent line and load regulation.

The LT8714 is available in a 20-lead TSSOP package with additional features such as overcurrent protection, undervoltage lockout and soft-start.

Rugged Industrial Linear Regulator


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