NFC Transponder Eases Driver Settings In Automobiles With Simple One-Tap Pairing


In its pursuit to help developers bring ease of NFC to automotive infotainment systems, TI introduced the industry’s first automotive-qualified dynamic dual interface NFC transponder to easily develop and pair intuitive automotive infotainment systems with one tap.

The transponder enables end equipments to communicate with the fast-growing infrastructure of NFC-enabled smart phones, tablets, and notebooks. The RF430CL330H-Q1 transponder enables simple secure pairing (SSP) between an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet and an automotive infotainment system using the Out of Band (OOB) association model for Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi. The device eliminates complicated manual configure specific driver settings when entering the car, simply by pair and connect or executing NFC-enabled Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) with one tap.

The transponder is an NFC Tag Type 4 device with an ISO14443B-Compliant 13.56-MHz RF Interface supporting up to 848 kbps. A highly optimised NFC interface can serve as a secure configuration and service interface for diagnostics data, supporting 106, 212, 424 and 848 kBaud data rates to allow maximum communication flexibility.

The RF430CL330H-Q1 supports an I2C or serial peripheral interface (SPI) connection to an infotainment host processor in the vehicle, including the DRA74x “Jacinto 6” or DRA72x “Jacinto 6 Eco” automotive Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) from Texas Instruments. In addition, the device features 3KB of SRAM for NDEF Messages which can be raed or written with a SPI/I2C interface. An automatic checking of NDEF structure with interrupt register and output pin to indicate NDEF read or write completion is also incorporated.

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