0.2 Watt LEDs With Industry’s Highest Luminous Efficiency Improve Energy-Savings


Everlight Electronics announces new 0.2 Watt mid-power LEDs to meet the demands for high performance in commercial lighting lamps and fixtures such as office lighting. The company says that by using plastic materials with high reflection/lifetime and improved optical structures, its new 5630KK5D and 5630KK6D series LEDs are optimised to obtain what is claimed to be the industry’s highest luminous efficiency of 205lm/W (5000K).

The LED’s brightness is efficiently increased without modifying the circuit and PCB layout. So, the number of LEDs or amount of power that is used is reduced, leading to energy savings for lighting applications.

Available in industry-standard 5.6mm × 3.0mm packages, both LEDs allow power consumption of less than 11W when used to design a 2000lm finished product, it is reckoned, greatly reducing power consumption in a broad range of commercial lighting applications such as office lighting.


While the 5630KK5D series LED (with luminous efficiency of 195lm/W) is already being mass produced, the 5630KK6D series LED (with luminous efficiency up to 205lm/W) is beginning mass production in December. Samples of both are available for reference.

New LEDs Offer Peak Light Efficacies


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