Miniature AC/DC Power Supply Is Ideal For Portable Home Medical Use

New High Density Open Frame AC/DC Power Supply from Astrodyne TDI Provides 400W at 92% Efficiency (PRNewsFoto/Astrodyne TDI)

Astrodyne TDI introduces a high-density open frame AC/DC power supply for use in powering portable medical equipment and numerous industrial applications.The power supply provides 400W of regulated power in a 3×5 form factor.

This power supply series is especially useful for portable home medical use and direct connect patient life-sustaining applications including infusion pumps, ventilators and portable dialysis machines. The ASM400 series is certified to IEC60601-1 3rd edition BF isolation as a Class I (grounded) input, with a Class II (non-grounded) input and 2 MOPP option.

Designed with over 50 years of medical power experience, and built in the Astrodyne TDI ISO13485 certified factory, the ASM400 series features a 5V auxiliary and 12V fan output with efficiency up to 92 per cent at 230VAC.

Other technical specifications of the product include a miniature 3 inches x 5 incshe x 1.4 inches (76mm x 127mm x 36mm) footprint, remote on signal, custom output voltages available, and high power density up to 19W/inch³.

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