10.4″ XGA Multi-touch Display Kit for HMI, POS and Kiosks


A new industrial multi-touch display kit is recently announced by Advantech. Designed with Project Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology, the IDK-1110P allows up to five-point simultaneous touches for smooth operation. Featuring a 1024 x 768 high definition display for better visual performance, the kit provides superior intuitive UI for end users and is perfect for multi-touch applications such as interactive kiosks, POS, HMI, and more.

The 10.4” 500-nit display kit is industrial grade, cost-effective and can be used for edge-to-edge applications. Ruggedized and easy to maintain, the display kit supports USB, I2C, and UART interface.

Multi-touch displays are easy to use and intuitive to operate and learn. Featuring PCT technology, the kit allows up-to five-point simultaneous touch operation. Also, as there is no pressure or deflection applied to the screen with cover glass protection, the durability and life expectancy is improved.


The kit can be hardened to operate in harsh environments and supports wide viewing angles of 88°/ 88°/ 88°/ 88° for better all-round viewing. The IDK-1110P series also provides an optimal user experience for the end user, whether with Windows or Android OS support, and is ideal for all kinds of industrial grade HMI, POS and KIOSK applications.

Important features of the 10.4” LED display kit include support for XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, 500-nit brightness with LED backlight for low power consumption, green LED backlight with prolonged 50,000 hrs lifespan and a LVDS signal interface.

An industrial grade LCD panel is implemented which supports a wide range of operating temperatures from -20~70 °C and guarantees up to 3 year longevity support. It is manufactured in Advantech’s class 10,000 clean room and integrated with an LED driver board and LVDS interface yet still keeps its compact size.

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The design saves more on integration cost and space. With an LVDS interface, there is no need for a converter board to connect IDK-1110P with an embedded board. The kit is also tested to be fully compatible with all Advantech embedded boards and systems.



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