Smart Diode Controller With Zero Quiescent Current Suits High-c\Current Apps


Industry’s first smartdiode controller with zero quiescent current has been introduced by Texas Instruments. The LM74610-Q1 is said to provide better efficiency versus Schottky diodes and p-channel MOSFETs. Additionally, the device provides lower-power consumption and heat in a compact solution size, making it well-suited for reverse polarity protection in high-current industrial power tool and automotive applications.

The LM74610-Q1 features a unique floating ground architecture that models a diode behavior with zero ground current. Paired with TI’s CSD17313Q2Q1 NexFET n-channel MOSFET, the duo emulates a diode rectifier when connected in series with a power source, discharging the MOSFET gate in the event of reverse polarity. The LM74610-Q1 can also be used to combine two alternate power sources in an ORing configuration to provide redundancy. Watch a video on how to protect your design from reverse voltage conditions.

The device incorporates many interesting features and benefits. With zero quiescent current of the device, battery drainage is eliminated and battery life prolonged. Additionally, an external n-channel MOSFET enables a scalable solution for a variety of current levels and 45V reverse voltage capability protects against automotive transients. Being AEC-Q100 qualified, the device comes with 4 kV ESD protection for automotive applications.


TI also offers the LM74670-Q1 smart diode controller for automotive alternator and industrial power alternating current (AC) rectification. The device has higher gate drive current (70uA) than the LM74610-Q1, allowing it to handle AC signals up to 300Hz.

TI provides a reference design of a multi-camera, surround view ADAS system with central processing, which provides protection from reverse polarity and overvoltage using the LM74610-Q1 and 3-A LM53603-Q1 synchronous DC/DC converter, eliminating the need for a pre-boost during automotive start-stop and most cold crank conditions. Download the “System level reference design for 30-W ADAS system with required automotive protections”

Software Package for Development of Hypervisors

Available in volume now from TI and its authorized distributors, the LM74610-Q1 is packaged in an 8-pin, 3-mm by 5-mm by 1.1-mm VSSOP.



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