New Breakout Boards Facilitate USB Connectivity In Existing Designs


Engineers now have at their disposal an array of new breakout boards from FTDI Chip using its X-Chip series. Designed to add USB connectivity within existing product designs, the compact form factor breakout boards facilitate conversion from USB 2.0 (full speed) signals to serial or parallel interfaces.

Many versions of the board are available including UMFT200XD, UMFT201XB, UMFT220XB and UMFT230XB. The UMFT200XD is based on the FT200XD device and serves as a USB-to-I2C module with 4 control bus lines, The UMFT201XB is also designed for USB-to-I2C conversion and built around an FT201XQ IC. Another board, UMFT220XB, incorporates a FT220XQ to enable conversion of USB to a user-chosen, parallel bit interface (FTDI Chip’s own proprietary FT1248 I/O) where the data bus may be set to a bit width of one, two, four or eight- depending on design constraints. The UMFT230XB modules host a FT230XQ USB-to-UART IC with 4 control bus lines. The boards can be utilized for UART bridging with a UART rate of 3Mbit/s.

The new X-Chip breakout boards will also be offered in 2 other versions in addition to the standard -01 products, The -NC version is supplied without the connector on the I/O side, while the -WE version comes with 15cm ‘flying leads’ attached.

These modules need no additional power source and can be powered from USB. They do not have a built-in USB connector as the mechanical dimensions of the PCB allow direct insertion into the USB Host connector.

All X-Chip breakout boards support a broad range of operating systems including Windows CE.NET/Vista/7/8/XP/XP Embedded, as well as Android, Linux 3.0 (and above) and MAC OS-X. Unit pricing on these breakout boards begins at US$ 9.50.


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