New DC-DC Converters For Harsh Industrial Environments


Powersolve recently announced new high-performance 100W TEQ 100WIR Series DC-DC converters, particularly suitable for industrial applications where often no PCB mounting is possible but the module has to be mounted on a chassis. The devices come with an output voltages range from 12VDC to 48VDC and a EN 55022 approval, which makes them ideal for railway applications.

The 12 TEQ 100WIR units pack many interesting features such as an ultra wide 4:1 input voltage range and increased shock and vibration resistance. The devices come enclosed in a rugged, sealed metal case and operate at temperatures up to +85C with no derating and up to +95C with power derating. Further, a very wide input voltage range and reverse input voltage protection make the converters suitable for battery-operated systems.

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