Low-power Smart Amplifier For Louder And Clearer Audio in Smartphones


Texas Instruments (TI) recently unveiled a state-of-the-art low-power smart amplifier intended for louder and clearer audio in smartphones, tablets and other audio-enabled portable electronics. The TAS2555 device helps to deliver industry-leading sound quality at peak volumes in next-generation smartphones while maximising battery efficiency.

The smart amplifier packs many interesting features into one device. The amplifier allows big sound from small devices offering 5.7-W output power into 4Ω and 3.8W into 8ohm at 4.2V. With idle-channel noise (ICN) as low as 15.9-µV, audible speaker noise mode is eliminated when using the smartphone in a receiver or pause mode. Low ICN also eliminates the need for external components. Automatic gain control helps to maximize battery life by dynamically adjusting audio output during periods of low battery voltage. Additionally, the device has integrated speaker protection and user-specified boost control to customise boost on/off based on end-equipment power profile requirements.

TI offers extensive support and tools for developers to speed up designs using TAS2555 smart amplifier. The PurePath Console 3 software suite is one of them, which includes easy-to-use tools for tuning and integration into end products, thus accelerating time to market for audio-enabled portable electronics. Apart from that, TI offers a comprehensive evaluation module (EVM) and a learning board tool for speaker evaluation. Further support from experts is available via the Audio Amplifiers forum in the TI E2E Community.

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