Industry-leading Low loss IGBT For Air-Conditioners


The newly launched low loss IGBT from Renesas Electronics is an ideal device to meet the energy-efficiency and low noise demands of today’s mid- to low-end air-conditioners. Featuring industry-leading low saturation voltage Vce (sat) of 1.35 V and low switching noise, the RJP65T54DPM-E0 IGBT is specifically designed for air conditioner power factor correction (PFC) circuits that employ partial switching. Utilising Renesas’ 7th generation IGBT technology, the device expands the existing portfolio of three 7th generation IGBTs suitable for full switching PFC circuits.

The device features a low Vce (sat) of 1.35V, which minimises conduction losses for the PFC circuit. In addition, low switching noise leads to low electromagnetic interference (EMI) and can simplify EMI filtering. The device uses an isolated-type TO-3PF package eliminating the need for an insulation sheet between the device and the heat sink. Furthermore, a Tj rating of 175°C improves the device’s operating temperature range.

With samples of the RJP65T54DPM-E0 already available, the company has announced the mass production to begin in March 2016 which is expected to reach a volume of 300,000 units per month by March 2017.

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