DeiTY Acknowledge MAIT’s ICT Growth Initiatives


Recently MAIT organised a industry interaction session which aimed to boost manufacturing in the ICT hardware sector and speedy implementation of Digital India.

According to the press release, the round table was head by JS Deepak, the new Secretary, Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeiTY) who appreciated MAIT’s initiative for the good work the organisation is doing to promote the growth of the ICT industry. He also made a remark to seek MAIT’s support on Digital India, Make in India, Electronics India, and Design in India initiatives, particularly, from the employment point of view.

In addition, Debjani Ghosh, president, MAIT, made a presentation which focused on increase in domestic IT consumption with an eye on rural India. She presented the ICT industry outlook and shared the recommendations that will help to boost the growth of ICT sector, as mentioned in the news release. Issues like enabling duty differentials, MEIS- Production subsidy, incentivising the purchase of PCs, better ability to compete with World-Scale and capability of suppliers, infrastructure maturity, reduction in excise duty for DTs and NBs, adequate export incentives, SOP for BIS, and ERV were also raised during the interaction session.



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