Implementing IoT Device In Wireless Network Made Simple


The newly launched fully integrated system-on-chip (SoC) solutions from ON Semiconductor is designed to support the implementation of wireless networks with a minimal number of components in wide range of applications such as automatic meter reading, home automation, sensor networks and satellite communication markets.

As claimed by the company, AX5043 is the world’s highest performance integrated RF transceiver, -126 dBm sensitivity at 1.2 kbps with 48 dB adjacent channel rejection achieved with only 9.5 mA RX current. With the launch of the following device ON Semiconductor broadens its RF communication portfolio into sub-gigahertz band.

According to the press release, “The AX8052Fxx family of RF-Microcontrollers is specifically designed to enable one chip radio solutions for all levels of complexity. The AX8052F143 provides an ultra-low power single chip solution with flexibility appropriate for the IoT market and is also compatible with the paging standards WM-BUS, POCSAG and FLEX, while the AX8052F151 is the solution for Sub-1 GHz ZigBee and 6LoWPAN.


In addition, available development tools enable simple and fast implementation of wireless communications solutions. The DVK-2 and F143_Mini_DVK kits are supported by a suite of software tools consisting of code generators for full RF application C-code and an integrated development environment with source code debugger and free C-compiler.

“The importance and rapid growth in the wireless technology area is being accentuated by the almost limitless quantity and diversity of IoT applications,” said Ryan Cameron, vice president, Industrial and Timing products at ON Semiconductor.

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