Attain Sustainable Electricity With STCOMET Smart Meter


ST has extended the STCOMET family to four devices, that will allow meter designers the flexibility to scale their applications to the needs of various markets and territories. According to the press release, The all new STCOMET smart-meter System-on-Chip family, is designed to deliver sustainable electricity, incorporating multiple sources including renewables, by leveraging smart-grid technologies.

Referring to the release, “This multi-core SoC with FLASH memory is a true smart-meter on-a-chip and embeds all the functions required to build future-proof, high-performance electricity meters for smart grid.” Adding further, the dual-core STCOMET SoC platform supporting channels up to 500 kHz, with an integrated AFE, power-line driver and programmable modem.

In addition, STCOMET05 and STCOMET10 contain either 512Kbyte or 1Mbyte of program Flash, together with an application-processing subsystem, dedicated security engine with privacy and anti-hacking protection and high-accuracy metering front end, and the PLC module. The STCOMET platform also includes a fully-integrated smart meter SoC that embeds high-performance metrology functions, as mentioned.


Matteo Lo Presti, Group VP and GM, Industrial and Power Conversion Division, STMicroelectronics, said, “Our STCOMET smart-meter SoCs are leading the advance, combining outstanding technical features with unrivalled integration and flexibility to realise the smart-energy revolution everywhere from developed economies to emerging markets.”

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