R Systems Introduces Starter Kit For State Machine-Based Development


The new IAR KickStart Kit for visualSTATE to help developers fast and quick  development for embedded systems. Developers can use IAR visualSTATE to build their design from a high level, structure complex applications, step by step add functions in detail, and automatically generate code that is 100 percent consistent with the design.

According to the press release, “IAR KickStart Kit for visualSTATE contains an easy-to-use evaluation board specially designed for the display of the examples provided. The board can be powered via the included debug probe I-jet Lite, which provides JTAG and SWD debug interfaces. The board is based on a STM32F429 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics. This ARM Cortex-M4 device features a rich set of peripherals for connectivity, graphics and audio.”

The kit is based on the latest version 7.5 of IAR visualSTATE, which includes MISRA C/C++ compliance improvements, easier Coder API switches and reduced build time, as mentioned in the release.IAR KickStart Kit for visualSTATE is priced at US$ 209 and is available for online order.

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