Make Power Supply For Your DVD Player!


Power supplies are the cornerstone of any electronic system. In this article, we present four reference designs for the power supply of Digital video disk (DVD) players that will guide designs engineers to quickstart their power supply design.

  • Multiple output 7W DVD Player/Set-top Box Supply:  Here is a reference design from Power Integrations which implements a multiple output Flyback power supply for DVD players or set-top boxes with 7 W of continuous output power and 10 W of peak power. Based on a LNK626PG AC-DC converter from Power Integrations, the supply is highly energy efficient (provides 0.6 W output for 1 W input) and has low no-load power consumption. The design eliminates optocoupler and reduces part count. More on this Reference Design
  • Low cost 8W Supply: Here is Onsemi’s low-cost DVD player power supply reference design which takes universal input voltage and produces 5 different DC voltages of 5V, 3.3V, 12V, -12V and -23V. The design uses a current-mode flyback regulator built around integrated power switcher, the NCP1027 from ON semiconductor. The design offers low standby power, brown−out detection, ramp compensation, over power protection and latch−off Input (complete latch−off in presence of an external event, e.g. over temperature or a severe over−voltage). More on this Reference Design
  • High-efficiency DVD or Set-top Box Supply: This is Freescale’s reference design for a DVD or set-top box power supply with universal input and 4 different DC outputs, namely, 5.1V, 3.4V, 12V and 16V. The design claims low standby consumption, low EMI, high efficiency under voltage lockout and various protections such as overvoltage protection (OVP), overload protection (OLP), abnormal overcurrent protection (AOCP) and internal thermal shutdown (TSD). More on this Reference Design
  • Energy Star Compliant Low-cost DVD Player Supply: ST has developed a reference design implementing a DVD player power supply with multiple outputs for a variety of control circuits: MCU, motor, amplifier and VFD. The design is based on Offline switch mode power supply (SMPS) regulators from ST’s VIPer family to develop an innovative, quicker, cheap and simple AC-DC converter with reduced component count. The VIPer family complies with the “Blue Angel” and “Energy Star” norms, with very low total power consumption in standby mode. More on this Reference Design
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