Reliable Medical Devices For Noisy And Harsh Environment


Advances in healthcare technology are pushing design boundaries by requiring wired patient monitors to function continuously during defibrillation. These high-voltage transients put a great burden on designing a dependable, connected medical system. The new isolator devices from Analog Devices ensure safe system performance for applications operating in noisy, harsh and unpredictable healthcare and industrial environments.

The newly unveiled digital isolator is based on ADI’s patented iCoupler digital isolation technology. It addresses the limitations of an optocoupler. The key to high-voltage performance of iCoupler isolator is a thick 20 micrometer polyimide isolation. When compared to SiO2, polyimide is a low stress film that can be made as thick as needle without compromising on reliability. The iCoupler isolation technology delivers high-reliability, small size and low power without sacrificing on isolation. These can be embedded with other data acquisition, communications and control ICs so that designers can devote time to improve their system functionality.

According to the press release, “The new iCoupler digital isolators feature the highest in industry surge protection tested at 16 kVpk and withstand voltage ratings up to 5 kVrms. And unlike other digital isolators, ADI’s new, robust iCoupler digital isolators can replace bulky optocouplers in harsh medical environments with a more compact solution.”


Referring to the company release, the iCoupler isolator are globally available and the price of the devices start from US$ 1.29 to US$ 3.15, each per 1000 packaging.

iCoupler digital isolator key features are as highlighted below:

  • Safest: 16 kVpk basic and 10-kV reinforced surge protection ratings, 5 KVrms withstand, 600 Vrms working voltage
  • Fastest: 150 Mbps throughput, 13 ns max propagation delay, 100 kV/µs CMTI
  • Widest supply range: 1.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Versatile: 1 to 4 input channels, choice of default state, and input/output disable, pin compatible to prior generations
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Click here to read the press release.



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