How To Make “Ultrasonic Parking Assistance System”?

Ultrasonic Park Assist System

Parking-assistance systems have become quite popular to meet modern safety expectations and driver’s convenience. This article discusses some industry standard reference designs detailing the design of Ultrasonic Park Assist systems. Let’s get started..

  • Ultrasonic Park Assist with Blind Spot Detection: TI offers a reference design intended for applications such as ultrasonic park assist, self parking, blind spot detection and valet parking. The design is based on a highly programmable SoC with integrated 8051 core and supports small form factor. The SoC provides all signal conditioning and processing for the transducer echo signals and calculating the distance between the transducer and objects. More on this Reference Design
  • 4-channel Ultrasonic Distance Measurement for Parking Assistance: This design from Cypress builds a four-channel ultrasonic distance measurement system for ultrasonic parking-assistance applications (UPA). The design uses Cypress’s PSoC 1 devices which are a best fit for UPA applications, and includes an example project and reference hardware design using PSoC 1. More on this Reference Design
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