Applied Micro And Vapor IO Partners To Modernise Data Centres


The partnership between AppliedMicro and Vapor IO is expected to modernise the data centres which will enable users to monitor and manage data center components like never before.

As stated in the news release, the AppliedMicro’s HeliX 2 quad-core integrated 64-bit ARM processor will power Vapor IO’s Vapor Edge Controller (VEC), an Edge Zone Controller superseding traditional ‘top-of-rack’ controllers by managing a dense physical and logical compute zone within the data center. VEC helps in managing all the components such as CPU/Memory/Storage (aka servers), power distribution, networking components, and auxiliary devices and sensors.

Further in a media interaction session, John Williams, vice president of marketing for AppliedMicro, said, “Vapor IO has taken advantage of the performance of the HeliX 2 processor to replace a large number of BMC devices within a rack with a disaggregated solution, reducing cost and complexity while increasing overall reliability and telemetry.”

Click here to read the press release.

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