New High-Resolution Audio Chip For Portable Headsets


The new high-resolution audio chip from On Semiconductor saves 85% of the board space over competing solutions. Due to its compact size the device is well suited for portable audio markets such as Wireless headsets.

According to the press release, LC823450 is audio processing system LSI for record and playback, and high-resolution 32-bit and 192 kHz audio processing capable. It is possible to cover the most of functions necessary for a portable audio with only this LSI as follows, as mentioned in the release.

Adding further, “The SoC has Dual CPU and DSP with High processing capability, and internal 1656K-Byte SRAM, which make it possible to implement large scale program. And it has integrated analog functions (low-power Class D HP amplifier, PLL, ADC etc.) so that PCB space and cost is reduced. It also features support for various interface (USB, SD, SPI, UART, etc.) to make extensibility high. Also it is provided with various function including SBC/AAC codec by DSP and UART and ASRC (Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter) for Bluetooth audio.”


Referring to the news release, the Pb-free LC823450 is available in a compact WLP-154 (5.52 mm x 5.33 mm), and is priced at US$8.34 per unit in 1,000 unit quantities. The device is also available in a TQFP-128L, priced at $8.00 per unit in 450 unit quantities.

Click here to read the press release.

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