Intel To Invest In China For Increasing NVM Production


Looking forward to meet the growing demand of non-volatile memory (NVM) requirement, Intel has plans to invest up to US$5.5 billion over the coming years for non-volatile memory production.

As announced by Rob Crooke, senior VP and GM of NVM Solutions Group, said that Intel will utilise its facility in Dalian, China to help expand their manufacturing capacity in NVM. The expansion is part of their global multi-source supply strategy. Currently, the Intel Dalian facility has been in operation since 2010, producing 65nm products for Intel. Therefore the investment will boost their manufacturing capacity for NVM.

According to the press release, “Intel and Micron are aggressively working on bringing Intel Optane technology – based on 3D XPoint – to market in Intel SSDs in 2016. These products have the potential to revolutionise any device, application or service that benefits from fast access to large sets of data. For example, retailers may use Intel’s NVM products to more quickly identify fraud detection patterns in financial transactions; and healthcare researchers could process and analyse larger data sets in real time, accelerating complex tasks such as genetic analysis and disease tracking.”

As mentioned in the release users can expect initial production of the 3D NAND technology in Dalian in the second half of 2016.

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