New NAND Flash Memory For Embedded Applications


Toshiba launched new NAND flash memory products for embedded applications that are compatible with the widely used Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). Wide ranging applications for the new ‘Serial Interface NAND’ includes consumer applications such as flat-screen TVs, printers and wearable devices and industrial applications, including robots.

According to the press release, “Compatibility with the widely used SPI, which can be controlled with just six pins, allows the new Serial Interface NAND to be used as SLC NAND flash memory, with a low pin count, small package and large capacity.”

With the increased functionality in embedded devices, SLC NAND is expected to replace NOR flash memory in order to meet the growing demand for larger memory densities for saving software (including boot up programs, firmware, and embedded OS) and data (including log data), as stated in the release.

By adding the “Serial Interface NAND” to its product line-up, Toshiba aims to meet wide ranging market needs and to expand the market for NAND flash memory, as mentioned in the news release.

Click here, to read the press release.

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