Real Time Temperature Detection In Industrial Goods


The newly launched diode from Allegro is designed to achieve temperature detection in consumer and industrial goods in real time with high accuracy. The new series is suited for white goods, audio and visual equipment, lighting equipment, telecommunication equipment, as well as for secondary-side rectification of switching power supplies.

According to the press release, “The FMKS-2000 Series is an ultra-fast recovery diode (200 V reverse voltage) series with an Schottky barrier diode (SBD) formed on the same die. This makes it possible to detect overheating caused by overcurrent (temperature increase of built-in FRD). By using this new FMKS series, mounting consideration for thermal connection is not necessary. The FMKS series simplifies the overall design process.

In addition, the FMKS series is available in a TO-220F full-mold package.

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