IoT Devices With Smartphone Quality Visuals


Extending the Smartphone experience on wearables and  Internet of Things (IoT) devices has now been made easy. With the launch of new highly-efficient graphics processing unit (GPU) from ARM, the IoT devices will now be able to experience smartphone quality visuals, as mentioned in the release.

The newly launched ARM Mali-470 GPU delivers an enhanced user interface for power-constrained products, including smartwatches, home gateways and appliances, industrial control panels and healthcare monitors, as stated. The new GPU addresses challenges associated with shrinking power and space constraints, as faced by the system-on-chip (SoC) designers.

ARM IoT Devices


Commenting on the newly launched, GPU built on the success of Mali-400, Mark Dickinson, vice president and general manager, multimedia processing group, ARM, said, “Energy-efficiency is particularly important for devices requiring sophisticated graphics on a low power budget such as wearables, entry-level smartphones and IoT devices. Mali-470 has been designed to meet this demand as it will enable enhanced user interfaces that are extremely energy-lean.”

Key features delivered by ARM Mali-470 GPU, as listed below:

  • Half the power consumption and 2x the energy efficiency of Mali-400
  • Optimal energy efficiency for screen resolutions up to 640 x 640 in single-core configurations and higher resolutions for multi-core configurations
  • Increased frame rates and improved overall responsiveness
  • Reduced silicon cost and die areas that are 10 per cent smaller than Mali-400
  • The ability to build an optimized SoC for power-constrained devices when paired with the low-power ARM Cortex-A7 or Cortex-A53 processors
  • Ease of Integration and Application Development

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