New PYTHON Sensors For Intelligent Transportation Systems


New image sensors from ON Semiconductor extend family resolution to over 25 megapixels, bringing high resolution global shutter capabilities to industrial imaging applications. As stated in the release, this high performance family addresses the needs of general purpose industrial imaging applications such as machine vision, inspection and motion monitoring, security, surveillance and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

Referring to the press release, the new PYTHON 10K, PYTHON 12K, PYTHON 16K, and PYTHON 25K image sensors combine excellent imaging performance with high speed output architectures that meet and exceed the bandwidths available from popular industry computer interfaces such as USB 3.1, CameraLink, CoaXPress, and 10GigE.

According to the release, the new devices leverages ON Semiconductor’s patented in-pixel Correlated Double Sampling (ipCDS) technology to enable global shutter imaging with CDS in a compact pixel size.  CDS is a method to measure electrical values such as voltages or currents that allows removing an undesired offset. When used in imagers, CDS is a noise reduction technique in which the reference voltage of the pixel (i.e., the pixel’s voltage after it is reset) is removed from the signal voltage of the pixel (i.e., the pixel’s voltage at the end of integration) at the end of each integration period.


Adding further, the image data is accessed through 32, 16, 8, or 4 low-voltage differential sampling (LVDS) channels, each running at 720 MHz, to enable readout speeds of up to 80 fps for the 25K device.

“Extending the PYTHON family to high resolutions brings the high performance of this CMOS image sensor family to a new set of the most demanding industrial applications. With nine separate devices now available in this family, customers can work within this portfolio to match the resolution and frame rate needs of their application without sacrificing performance,” said Herb Erhardt, vice president and GM, Industrial and Security Division, Image Sensor Group at ON Semiconductor.

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The devices are packaged in a µPGA-355 package and are available in monochrome, Bayer colour and extended near-infrared (NIR) configurations.


Click here to read the news release.



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