Hybrid Vehicles With Monitoring Capability Makes Driving Safe


You can now enjoy safe driving with new monitoring capable IC from Toshiba. The new system regulator IC with monitoring function is ideally suited for the motor control system of electric and hybrid vehicles. The new IC is optimised for high-efficiency systems, with a strengthened monitoring function to reduce potential risks that threaten the security of the system.

According to the company release, failure of the system regulator IC leads to malfunction of electronic devices. The system particularly loses functionality when microcontroller (MCU) failure impacts on operation. The TB9042FTG provides an SPI communication function to avoid such dangerous condition, as stated in the release. The system regulator IC and the MCU identify trouble at the time of the abnormality by using the SPI communication function to monitor each other.

Key features of TB9042FTG are as highlighted below:

  • Two DC-DC converters and three series regulators are built in
  • Various monitoring functions
    • Continuous monitoring of the system regulators. (High output voltage, Low output voltage, Overcurrent, Overheat, Unusual frequency)
    • Continuous monitoring of the MCU (Watchdog Timer, MCU alarm, MCU calculation function, Communication error)
    • Self-diagnosis function (High output voltage, Low output voltage, Output logic of each detection circuit)
  • SPI communication reports the monitoring state to external system
  • When an unusual condition occurs, the output terminal immediately reports the monitored state to the external system. (Reset timer (RSTA/B), unusual voltage detection (NOVDET), MCU alarm (NOALM), all diagnosis result report (NDIAG)
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