New Bluetooth HomeKit For Home Automation Market


Dialog has recently unveiled its new Bluetooth Smart development kit, with Bluetooth support for Apple HomeKit, to accelerate development of smart home accessories. According to BI Intelligence, the smarthome market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 67 per cent from current scenario to 2019.

The kit is based on SmartBond DA14580 SoC. As stated in the release, initial pairing set up takes 4.5 seconds and pair-verify, which occurs whenever an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch issues a command, takes only 250 ms. The DA14580, which is available in a tiny 2.5mm x 2.5mm package, also offers the lowest power consumption in its class with a peak current of less than 5mA, maximising battery life.

Referring to the published news release, “The SmartBond development kits feature a power profiler for power-optimised coding and Dialog’s SmartSnippets™ software development environment, based on Keil µVision tools.”


Adding further,  Sean McGrath, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Connectivity, Automotive & Industrial Business Group at Dialog, said, “We are pleased to be on board with our own Bluetooth Smart development kit that fully supports the HomeKit framework. Our kit enables developers to achieve differentiation and a competitive advantage through delivering a superior user experience and accelerating time to market for their smarthome accessories.”

Click here to read the press release.

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