Customisable Probes for Sensing Temperature Levels in Electric Motors


Thermistor probes are invaluable for sensing temperature levels in a variety of applications ranging from IGBT chips and heatsinks in welding equipment, plasma cutters, air sensors, electric motors, and HVAC systems. The newly launched customisable NTC thermistor probe by Ametherm delivers high-accurate temperature measurement, as mentioned in the news release.

According to the press release, “The NTC thermistors are manufactured from a specially formulated metal oxide ceramic material that is extremely accurate in sensing temperature. Utilising this same material, the company’s custom probe assemblies are available in a variety of housings — ring terminal, flag terminal, steel tube, threaded hex, and threaded long tip — and lead wire gauges and insulation thicknesses. Ametherm can build the devices to customer-specified resistance values, tolerances, beta values, insulation resistance, and dielectric voltage breakdown.”

Adding further, Eric Rauch, president and CEO of Ametherm, said, “The key to making custom probes is to have all the requirements up front, so listening to the customer is imperative. Equally important is flexibility. In some cases three or four design changes will be made, but in the end we create a device unique to each customer that can suit their needs better than an off-the-shelf solution.”

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