Industry’s Fastest Driver for Server and Industrial Power Applications


TI has recently unveiled the industry’s fastest half-bridge gate driver for high power density in server and industrial power applications, as claimed by the company. Adding further, reduces component footprint by 50 percent, enabling higher power density in high-frequency, offline AC/DC power supplies used in server, telecom and industrial designs including uninterrupted power supplies.

In reference to the technical specifications UCC27714 is a 600-V high-side, low-side gate driver with 4-A source and 4-A sink current capability, targeted to drive power MOSFETs or IGBTs. The device comprises of one ground-referenced channel (LO) and one floating channel (HO) which is designed for operating with bootstrap supplies. The device features excellent robustness and noise immunity with capability to maintain operational logic at negative voltages of up to –8 VDC on HS pin (at VDD = 12 V), as mentioned in the datasheet.

The device accepts a wide range bias supply input from 10 V to 20 V and offers UVLO protection for both the VCC and HB bias supply pins. As mentioned in the release it also delivers 90 nanosecond (ns) propagation delay, 40 percent lower than existing silicon solutions.


UCC27714 is worldwide available in SOIC-14 package (operate from –40°C to 125°C) and is priced at US$1.75 each, in 1,000 unit-quantities, according to the company release.

The key features and benefits of the UCC27714 are as listed below:

  • Smaller footprint creates highest power-density solutions: The UCC27714 reduces gate driver component footprint by 50 percent in secondary-side controlled power supplies.
  • Advanced noise toleration: Negative voltage handling of -6 V at the switched-node pin creates the ability to tolerate noise, causing virtually no malfunctions in the electronic system.
  • MOSFETs have the ability to drive over a wide power range: The device’s high-current capability of 4 A enables MOSFETs to drive over a wide power range, from a few watts to a kilowatt.
  • Operates across wide temperatures: All electrical characterizations have little variations across operating temperatures, creating a simplified design and speeding time to market.


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