Automotive-Navigation ICs for Accurate 3D Positioning


Getting accurate 3D positioning details is now made accessible even for areas where satellite signals are blocked. This is realised using the new TESEO III automotive-navigation ICs from ST. These are ideal for applications where satellite signals are poor or unavailable, such as in tunnels, covered car parks, or multi-level highways.

According to the press release, “TESEO DRAW merges the satellite information with data from vehicle sensors such as the gyroscope, accelerometer, and wheel-speed sensors, to calculate location accurately in three dimensions including elevation. If the satellite signal is poor, TESEO DRAW compensates for the loss of accuracy, and if the signal becomes unavailable, navigation continues uninterrupted based on calculated location (dead reckoning).”

Adding further the release mentions that TESEO DRAW firmware has multiple modes and is capable of referring to sensors on the vehicle’s CAN bus or discrete sensors such as the odometer, reverse sensor, MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope, or MEMS inertial module connected to the TESEO III IC. With the launch of TESEO DRAW firmware, ST is uniquely able to provide a unified platform comprising navigation engines, 3D positioning capability, and motion sensors, as stated in the news release.


Commenting on the newly launched IC, Fabio Marchiò, Microcontroller and Infotainment Division General Manager, Automotive Product Group, ST Microelectronics, said, “Users can also experience significant improvements in existing services such as fleet tracking, eCall, or ERA-GLONASS emergency response, usage-based insurance, road tolling, and anti-theft systems.”

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