CEA-Leti Demonstrate MEMS on 300 mm Wafers


Looking forward to the worldwide expansion of the IoT and continued growing demand for MEMS in mobile devices, CEA-Leti has manufactured micro-accelerometers on 300 mm wafers. This significant development attained by Leti aims to lower MEMS manufacturing costs.

According to the press release, the most advanced is its M&NEMS technology platform based on detection by piezo-resistive silicon nanowires, which reduce sensor size and improve performances of multi-axis sensors. Leti’s M&NEMS concept, developed with 200mm technology, is currently being transferred to an industrial partner, as stated in the release. Demonstration of this technology on 300mm wafers has shown promising results and help in lowering costs, as claimed by Leti.

Further, 3D integration using MEMS CMOS processes can be used for manufacturing MEMS with 300mm technology compared to that on 200mm, as mentioned in the news release.


“With more than 200 people involved on micro-systems R&D, Leti is one of the world’s leading research institutes on MEMS, and this demonstration that our 200mm MEMS platform is now compatible with 300mm wafer fabrication shows a significant opportunity to cut MEMS production costs,” said Leti CEO Marie Semeria.

Click here to read the company press release.

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