New High-Speed Optocoupler For Industrial Applications


A new high-speed optocoupler has been launched that addresses the current industrial applications demand for digital power supplies, industrial computer peripheral interface and high-speed logic signal transmission.

Optocoupler is a component that transfers electrical signals between two isolated circuits by using light and also help in preventing the system from high voltages. The newly launched EL071L series of optocouplers from Everlight is a high speed 8-pin SOP device. As mentioned in the release, the transmission speed exhibited by the device is 15Mbps.

Combined with CMOS technology, high-voltage power supply module design tolerances and applies to both 3.3V and 5V CMOS voltage, high CMR CMRR, and from -40 ° c to + 110 ° c wider range of operating temperature; In addition, EL071L can also withstand high isolation voltage up to 3,750 Vrms, as stated in the release.


According to the press release, the small package design (dimension 4.88mm x 5.85mm x 3.18mm) is an added advantage that allows designers to design circuits with reduced thickness and size.

Click here to read the press release.

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