Atmel Kit For Development Of MPU Based Designs


Atmel has recently launched a fast prototyping and evaluation platform that helps designers to accelerate development for microprocessor based design.

According to the press release, the SAMA5 Xplained Ultra kit comes with a rich set of ready to use connectivity and storage peripherals and expansion headers for easy customisation. As stated, the board includes an embedded debugger and programmer and includes a wide range of compatible extensions boards. Standalone programmer debugger solutions supporting the SAMA5 family are also available from both Atmel and third parties. Adding further, the release mentions that a USB device connector can be used to power the board as well as programming and debugging it.

In order to support the new series of SAMA5D2 MPUs, Atmel has developed a free Linux distribution that helps designers for fast evaluation, as mentioned in the news release. For non-operating system (OS) users, Atmel delivers more than 40 peripheral drivers in C. Atmel collaborates with a global network of partners, including IAR, ARM, Free Electrons, Active-Semi, Micron, ISSI, Winbond, Segger, Lauterbach, FreeRTOS, Express Logic, NuttX and Sequitur Labs, that deliver development tools, PMIC, memories and software solutions.


The Atmel SAMA5 Xplained Ultra kit is worldwide available for USD $79, according to the company release.

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