New High-Precision Amplifier for Industrial Applications


Toshiba announced the launch of optical coupled isolation amplifiers with a delta-sigma AD converter that can detect infinitesimal electric current and voltage fluctuation with high-precision, for use in industrial equipment applications.

According to the press release, the new products will be in available in analog output and digital output types, and can be provided in either a low height 2.3mm(max) SO8L thin package or a conventional DIP8 package.

The new optical coupled isolation amplifiers are equipped with a high-precision delta-sigma AD converter on the input side and achieve the industry’s highest level of linearity, a performance of 0.02%(typ.) NL200 for the analog output products and 3LSB(typ.) INL for the digital output products, as stated in the release. The isolation amplifiers also secure a CMTI (Common-Mode Transient Immunity) value of 20kV/µs(typ.), enabling stable operation in motor control applications which usually generate high levels of noise. Furthermore, the 5000V(min.) isolation voltage makes them suitable for use in various industrial equipment applications.

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