Use Anti-Shake Camera Enabled Smartphones For Better Image Quality


ST’s MEMS and Sensor devices powers Smartphones with standard optical anti-shake mobile-camera systems to deliver 20 per cent improvement in image resolution with 55 per cent reduced power consumption.

Referring to the press release, “The L2G2IS is a two-axis MEMS gyroscope for optical image stabilisation applications. It includes a sensing element and an IC interface capable of providing the measured angular rate to the external world through an SPI digital interface. It helps in improving sharpness in low-light pictures and removing shake from mobile videos. The L2G2IS is available in a plastic land grid array (LGA) package and can operate over a temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C.”

The VL6180X is the latest product based on ST’s patented FlightSense technology. As mentioned, the following technology allows absolute distance to be measured independent of target reflectance. Instead of estimating the distance by measuring the amount of light reflected back from the object (which is significantly influenced by color and surface), the VL6180X precisely measures the time the light takes to travel to the nearest object and reflect back to the sensor (Time-of-Flight). It helps in attaining better picture quality, especially in macro mode and low-ambient-light environments, as mentioned in the news release.


In addition, ST also provides a sensors system-in-package (LSM330) that improves gesture control and mobile gaming experience apart from enabling 360 degree camera feature. The LSM330 consists of a 3D digital accelerometer with two programmable embedded state machines and a 3D digital gyroscope, as per device specification. The sensor combo has a selectable full-scale acceleration range up to ±16 g and an angular-rate range up to ±2000 dps.

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According to the press release, the ST’s advanced motion and proximity sensors have been integrated in the newly launched OnePlus 2 Smartphone. The ST sensor enable Smartphone exhibit superior image capturing that includes an ultra-fast 0.2s human-eye -grade focus time and advanced optical anti-shake technology, as stated in the release.



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