ST Documents Safety Manual For Automotive MCU


ST in assistance with YOGITECH has compiled a safety manual that provides guidance to design engineers for hardware designing and software integration by eliminating system failure due to MCU (microcontroller) in automotive applications. ST has also published a FMEDA (failure mode effects and diagnostic analysis) document that provides detailed output of errors and their impact on the system apart from streamlining ISO 26262 functional-safety certification up to ASIL-B for systems containing its STM8AF automotive microcontrollers.

The ASIL classification helps defining the safety requirements necessary to be in line with the ISO 26262 standard. The ASIL is established by performing a risk analysis of a potential hazard by looking at the severity, exposure and controllability of the vehicle operating scenario. The safety goal for that hazard in turn carries the ASIL requirements.

According to the news release, the safety-documentation identifies ST’s AEC-Q100 qualified STM8AFseries as a popular and economical choice for body and infotainment applications such as seat adjusters, instrumentation, and lighting controllers. It also features the new STM8A-SafeASIL safety tools that help designers to select the best MCU to achieve the desired safety integrity level, thereby helping ensure successful certification, as stated in the release.

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