Achieve Effective Cooling upto 10x In High-Brightness LEDs


The new heat spreader approach from Escatec address the challenge of effective cooling  up to 10x in  high- brightness LEDs.

Escatec LED

A heat spreader is a heat exchanger that moves heat between a heat source and a secondary heat exchanger whose surface area and geometry are more favorable than the source. Such a spreader is most often simply a plate made of copper, which has a high thermal conductivity.


According to the press release, the heat spreader approach solders the LEDs onto a copper substrate. This freedom of design enables the LED solution to be appropriately cooled and optimised for the required power consumption. It also enables the lens or lens array to be custom-made to provide the exact optics required by the application and ensures that design can be compact with high optical efficiency.

Adding further, Wolfgang Plank, Manager of the FutureLab, explains, “Heat spreader solution opens up compact, high power LEDs of, say 1000W, to be used in many new applications such as stage lighting, architectural illumination and video projectors.”

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