New Pre-Amplifiers Extend Digitisers Dynamic Range And Sensitivity


Low-level electronic signals can now be acquired and used for analysis with a new range of pre-amplifiers from Spectrum that helps in increasing the overall dynamic range and sensitivity of the signal. The pre-amps are designed to complement the built-in amplifiers of the digitiser, effectively extending the available input ranges, and allowing the detection and measurement of much smaller signals.

According to the press release, “Seven different pre-amplifiers are available making it easy to select a model that can best match the digitiser being used. They offer gain ranges from 20dB to 60dB, bandwidths from 10MHz to 2GHz as well as 50 O and 1 MO terminations. Most of the pre-amplifiers also have true DC coupling and an adjustable output offset control to further extend their operational use.”

In addition to this, the release also mentions that, “To utilise the resolution and maximize the precision of a digitiser it is important that the signal being measured covers as much of the ADC’s dynamic range as possible. Spectrum digitisers already feature highly configurable input amplifiers that offer a variety of input ranges. However, the new pre-amplifiers extend this even further.”


Signal processing applications such as averaging and filtering, can be used on the digitised data, thus, reducing the effects of random noise and improving the overall signal-to-noise ratio of the measurements being made.

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