Fast Smartphone Processing At Only 10 Per Cent Of Power


The new Smartphones processors tend to perform task faster with only 10 per cent of power. As mentioned, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor embeds a new Qualcomm Hexagon 680 DSP (digital signal processor) architecture. The processor uses DSP for offloading the tasks to perform faster with much lower power consumption.

According to the press release, Snapdragon 820 with the Hexagon 680 DSP has two main features. The first is a completely separate DSP for sensor processing. The aptly named “low power island” is designed to enhance the battery life of always-on use cases, including step or activity counters as well as sensor-assisted positioning (using your phones’ sensors to provide more accurate location when you don’t have a strong GPS signal).  While the second feature brings a new level of horsepower to Hexagon in the form of HVX (Hexagon Vector eXtensions). This added hardware supports advanced imaging and computer vision when paired with the Qualcomm Spectra camera ISP.

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