New USB Charging Regulators for Automotive Applications


Allegro has recently announced the launch of all new synchronous buck regulator ICs  that offer a wide range of input voltages from 4.0V to 36V and can remain operational even when VIN drops as low as 2.6V for USB charging in automotive and non-automotive applications.

Allegro USB Charging 01

As mentioned in the company release, the regulator provides tight load regulation over a wiring harness without the need for remote sense lines. This remote load regulation (includes 115 per cent regulated voltage clamp) is achieved with an integrated open-loop correction scheme that, given a known wiring harness resistance, adjusts the output voltage based on the measured load current and a user programmable gain, achieving ±2 per cent accuracy at 500 mV of correction.


According to the press release, “The A8652/53 includes a user configurable load side current limit to fold back the output voltage during an output over current condition. The maximum operating juction temperature is 150°C. It exhibits features like externally set soft-start time, external compensation network, an EN input to enable VOUT, a SYNC/FSET input to synchronise or set the PWM switching frequency and a PowerOK output to indicate when VOUT is within regulation and there is no load side current limit condition. Protection features include VIN under-voltage-lockout, cycle-by-cycle current limit, hiccup mode short-circuit protection, dynamic over-voltage protection and thermal shutdown. A8652/53 provides open-circuited, adjacent pin short-circuit and short-to-ground protection at every pin to satisfy the most demanding automotive and non-automotive applications.”

In addtion to product description, the media release also mentions that the A8652/53 device is globally available in a 16-pin eTSSOP package with exposed pads for enhanced thermal dissipation.



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