Silicon Wafer Shipment Increased 2.5 Per Cent Worldwide


According to the SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG), there has been a 2.5 per cent worldwide increase in silicon wafer area shipments during the second quarter of 2015, when compared to the first quarter.

Referring to the press release, “New quarterly total area shipments are 4.4 per cent higher than second quarter of 2014 shipments. First half of 2015 shipments are 7.8 per cent higher than the first half of 2014. Silicon wafers are the fundamental building material for semiconductors, which in turn, are vital components of virtually all electronics goods, including computers, telecommunications products, and consumer electronics. The highly engineered thin round disks are produced in various diameters (from one inch or 2.54cm to 12-inches or 30.48cm) and serve as the substrate material on which most semiconductor devices or ‘chips’ are fabricated.”

The published report also states that the growth cited is inclusive of polished silicon wafers, including virgin test wafers and epitaxial silicon wafers, as well as non-polished silicon wafers shipped by the wafer manufacturers to the end-users.

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