Reduce Electricity Consumption Upto 40 Per Cent With Retrofitted LED Tubes And Bulbs


Retrofitted fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent bulbs with new LED modules designed by Plessey are expected to reduce electricity consumption by 25 per cent – 40 per cent, as claimed by the company. The LED module is designed using the company’s GaN-on-Silicon MaGIC LEDs.

According to the press release, “LED lights can be dimmed, have higher quality colour control and do not use highly toxic mercury. LED lights also have much longer working life expectancy than any other forms of artificial lighting, lasting up to 100,000 hours compared with 10,000 hours for fluorescent tubes and 1000 hours for tungsten filament light bulbs. There are three main types of fixture: batten, pod-style down-light and reflector ceiling troffer, plus high bay and low bay HID fixtures.”

The Plymouth manufacturing facility currently has approximately 2700 fixtures with 4200 fluorescent lamps that consume 1,000,000 kW/h of electricity at a cost of £100,000 a year and costs approximately £5000 in materials and 200 man hours a year to maintain, as stated in the release.


In an interview, Thomas Abbott, Plessey’s senior facilities engineer, said, ‘The LED retrofit kits offer the facilities engineers and installation contractors a cost-effective, quick and easy method to take advantage of the new technology. Another benefit is the dramatically reduced power consumption. It only takes between 5-10 minutes to retrofit a fixture and as a result the emergency light fixtures now require less or smaller battery backup, meaning increased cost-savings as well as reduced frequency for maintenance.”

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