High-Density Memory Reduces Cost upto 70 per cent in Datacentre Applications


Datacentre cost lowers up to 70 per cent with the launch of new DDR4 memory module by Diablo for servers and datacentre applications. As claimed by the company, the launch of Memory1, the first all-flash DDR4 server system memory technology rewrites the rules of datacenter performance and economics.

According to press release, “The revolutionary technology packs 4x the capacity of the largest DRAM modules, that delivers low-cost and high-capacity of flash to large-scale enterprise and datacenter customers. It is ideal for environments that require large memory footprints per server for workloads, such as big data analytics and complex Web applications. The same system memory slots that now hold 128 or 384 gigabytes of DRAM memory can house up to 4TB of Memory1 and process data-intensive applications.” Memory1 is deployed into standard DDR4 DIMM slots and is compatible with standard motherboards, servers, operating systems and applications, as stated in the release.

Having achieved breakthrough in memory design, Riccardo Badalone, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Diablo Technologies commented, “Memory1 represents a major evolution in server architecture. The needs of the large-scale datacenter are changing, with a very sharp focus on increasing capability to win the Internet while managing tight constraints on cost and power. The Memory1 platform allows customers to leverage NAND flash as pure system memory in a seamless manner, with no changes to their hardware and software stacks. The business impact on datacenter economics and application performance is dramatic. We’ve seen customers envisioning everything from aggressive server consolidation all the way to doubling and tripling individual machine profit. The implications of this technology cannot be overstated.”



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